Senior teacher in Information Technology in “Sava Dobroplodni” Secondary School, Shumen City

Doctor in Methods of Teaching Informatics and Information Technologies at “Paisiy Hilendarski” Plovdiv University

… The power of the teaching profession is its creative nature of work, the continuous updates about the world and its developments; possibilities for a change in personal and professional life; intellectual, common cultural and professional teacher development…Angel Angelov

Teacher portfolios. Why…?

  • Because – regularly I can and will have somewhere to document and report my gained teaching experience
  • Because – I can present systematized certificates for the acquired pedagogical competence and the quality of their work in the classroom when internal or external forms of inspection.
  • Because – I can develop skills for self-reflection, critical and objective assessment of my own work and achievements.
  • Because – I’ll have the opportunity to set clear, objectively measured goals and priorities for professional development and improvement.

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