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Angel Stoyanov Angelov teaches Information Technologies at Sava Dobroplodni Secondary School in Shumen. He carries out courses and practical seminars for pupils, students and teachers related to informatics and information technologies at Innovations and Consulting, RAABE Bulgaria, VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” and the Department for Information, Qualification and Lifelong Learning (DIQLL) at Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen
Educating organizations

1Innovations and Consulting –
Innovations and Consulting’s Mission is to promote the education modernization in (and outside) Bulgaria, to discover and integrate positive and creative people and their good practices; to keep you informed, better qualified and innovative in your professional and personal development. Innovations and Consulting offer modern solutions in the field of human and organizational management and development, the advance of modern technologies, quality education, ceaseless carrier development and innovative management of complex educational projects. Fields:

Innovation and Consulting’s practical seminars and Educations are based on scientific and educational and methodological literature, as well as on innovative practices and experience of Bulgarian and international partners and colleagues from the education sphere. The quality Improvement system is constantly undergoing development and is future-oriented.

The educations, seminars and qualification activities of directors and managers of education facilities put an emphasis on the methodology for modern problems solutionи in the current occupation, personal and professional self-improvement.

Innovations and Consulting offers individual or group classes with students in informatics, information technologies and mathematics. These classes include mastering and acquiring competences for work with applicable software, programming, preparation for school Olympiads, etc.

All full- and part-time students, whose records are in the register of current and discontinued students and Ph.D. students in the Ministry of Education, can take part in the internship. The practical education in an actual working environment for 240 hours is deemed successful. After its completion and report, the student is payed a grant in the amount of 480 leva.

2RAABE-Bulgaria –

RAABE Bulgaria offers its customers – teachers and directors of educational institutions, public accountants, managers of enterprises, over 40 information products and over 250 topics for training. Their authors and trainers are experts with many years of professional and practical experience and will give you the best advice and solutions for your practice. Directions:

The training program for teaching their teams comply with the new trends in education. Offer training topics are designed to enhance the professional competence of teachers and to improve their skills for implementing interactive methods and means and person-centered approach to training. For each training prepares thematic program tailored to campus and set training requirements.

Want to train your team on a specific topic and increase the desire for success? We arrange corporate training and training that will increase efficiency, competence and motivation of your employees. Prepare training for each individual program that is tailored to your requirements and needs of the team.

3VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” –
The Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” is the largest private university in Bulgaria. It is an established academic center that combines training of Bulgarian and foreign students in priority areas of the country and creates internationally convertible and competitive scientific and academic product. It trained more than 10,000 students in more than 60 undergraduate and master’s and 21 doctoral programs.

4“Konstantin Preslavsky” University of Shumen DIKPO – Varna –
Department of information, training and continuing education (DIKPO) of Shumen University “Bishop Konstantin Preslavsky” is with a rich history, more than 50 years here is organized a continuing education and increasing the qualifications of teachers in the country and abroad. Thus, on a stable basis and responsiveness to the new realities and priorities in the Bulgarian education system, the Department is now involved in a mission to work to enhance the professional competence of the pedagogical staff. In the Department work established professors and associate professors and doctors – specialists in the field of pedagogy, theory and methodology of teaching different subjects.

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